RJB Tutoring offers the finest certified teachers and subject specialists for 5th grade, trained to teach 5th grade students and provide them with the best instruction. Our tutors will help your 5th grader excel and achieve their academic and personal goals.

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  • Our professional 5th grade tutors deliver the finest specialized and tailored lessons in a one-on-one, in-home setting where your child is more comfortable.
  • Our highly engaging 5th grade tutors assess your child’s needs so they can tailor instruction to help your child meet and exceed their grade level standards over time.
  • The results start to show within a few tutoring sessions as our comprehensive tutoring for 5th grade ensures the development of essential skills and confidence needed for your child to perform exceptionally well in their class while enjoying their learning journey!

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How can we Help with our Tutoring for 5th grade?

Personalized Tutoring

RJB Tutoring develops and implements an individualized and focused approach when it comes to tutoring our 5th graders. Our highly professional tutors provide academic support to your child based on your child’s individual educational needs and learning style. Our personalized tutoring programs aim to enhance and maximize the learning potential and abilities of your child while encouraging a passion and love for learning.

Supportive & Nurturing

We believe in nurturing your child’s potential by giving them individual attention and support. Our highly trained subject specialists utilize the finest techniques while tutoring your 5th grader in order to engage their inquisitive minds and provide them all the attention and support they need. Our vision is to offer the right educational assistance to enhance your child’s capabilities and help them grow in terms of their academic performance and self-confidence.



Our Math tutors help to build the fundamental mathematical skills your child needs to succeed in 5th grade.


Our experienced English tutors help your child master 5th grade reading and writing skills. We focus on helping to improve your child’s classroom grades while preparing them to take the next step in their educational journey.


Our top notch Science tutors create and deliver personally tailored lessons to help your child discover the world of science and relate it to their daily lives. Your 5th grader will be amazed by how much science is an intricate part of their life.

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RJB Tutoring works with students of ALL grades and subjects. We can help your child reach their academic potential. Our 5th grade tutoring services are second to none.

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*We offer payment plans for each of our tutoring packages. In order to offer this service, a service fee is included with each installment. Therefore, the total amount is less if you make a one-time payment.

5th Grade Math Tutors

Our highly experience Math tutors will help your child develop the following skills:

  • To implement the order of operations to solve numerical expressions.
  • To analyze simple numerical patterns and relationships.
  • To develop a better understanding of place value system involving multi digital numbers and usage of whole number exponents to represent powers of 10.
  • To read and write decimals to thousandths, compare them and utilize place value concept in rounding decimals.
  • To use different operations on multi-digit whole numbers and decimals to hundredths.
  • To learn concrete models or various strategies based on place value and properties of operations.
  • To develop a better understanding of equivalent fractions and solve relevant word problems.
  • To interconvert measurement units in a certain measurement system and represent a set of data.
  • To plot points on the coordinate plane and solve relevant mathematical problems.

The goal is to help your child develop better analytical skills and problem solving strategies.

5th Grade Reading and Writing Tutors

RJB Tutoring guides your child through reading and writing activities to develop the following skills:

  • To write a comprehensive and well structured essay including an introduction, main idea, and a concluding note. 
  • To proofread and rectify any spelling or grammatical mistakes in work.
  • To write a book review after reading a book thoroughly. 
  • To give an impressive presentation with the use of visual aids.
  • To develop better speaking and communication skills. 
Our highly skilled English tutors create the most exciting and effective lessons to grab your child’s attention and help them develop an interest in the curriculum and its related activities. We also work on boosting your child’s creativity and confidence so they are more willing to share and better communicate their ideas with those around them.

5th Grade Science Tutors

RJB Tutoring equips your child with the following knowledge and understanding of Science:

  • To understand the structure and properties of matter, learn that matter is based on small indivisible particles and understand conservation of matter.
  • To learn the concept of matter and energy in living organisms and ecosystems, recognize photosynthetic organisms, understand parts pf plants and their functions.
  • To develop an understanding of basic body systems, their functions and flow of matter in a food chain.
  • To learn about various Earth’s systems, label different parts of water cycle diagrams, locate water on Earth.
  • To understand the importance of protection of Earth’s resources and the environment.
  • To learn about the stars, solar system and gravitational force.

Our certified Science tutors know how to engage your child in interactive tutoring sessions and activities to help them understand the systems and functioning of the human body amongst other topics. Our tutoring programs involve all the effective techniques and strategies to further improve your child’s scientific knowledge and maximize their class performance.

Frequently asked questions

Step 1: We start with a Free Consultation Call to discuss your child’s academic needs.

Step 2: We’ll match you with a qualified tutor that will be able to help your child.

Step 3: Tutoring sessions will take place in the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

We can start working with your child within 24 to 48 hours.

Based on 3 hours a week (3rd to 12th grade): 

12 Tutoring Hours will last 4 weeks (1 month) 

24 Tutoring Hours will last 8 weeks (2 months) 

48 Tutoring Hours will last 16 weeks (4 months) 

Based on 2 hours a week (Kindergarten to 2nd grade):

12 Tutoring Hours will last 6 weeks (1 and a half months) 

24 Tutoring Hours will last 12 weeks (3 months) 

48 Tutoring Hours will last 24 weeks (6 months)

You will be notified prior to the completion of your hours. You’ll be able to purchase more hours above. When you renew, you will receive FREE Bonus Hours in addition to your package. It works as follows: (48 hours package = 4 free bonus hours), (24 hours package = 2 free bonus hours) and (12 hours package = 1 free bonus hour).

We usually work with students twice a week. Kindergarten to 2nd graders, two sessions of 1 hour each, equating to 2 hours a week. 3rd to 12th graders, we usually work with them twice a week, two sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes each, equating to 3 hours a week.

All of our tutors are Certified Teachers and Subject Specialists. They are meticulously vetted and background checked prior to joining our team. As a result, you’re getting a safe and qualified professional to work with your child. You’ll also have access to the tutor’s resume/profile prior to meeting them.

You will receive a receipt for your payment via the email you provide at checkout. We will then contact you in order to acquire any additional information that will help us match you with a qualified tutor in your area.

It depends on the Package and Payment Plan you choose. Payments will be due either every 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 weeks based on your chosen payment option. Please click on the package you’re interested in and then the payment option that may work best for your budget and you’ll see how often the remaining payments will be due for that particular payment plan.

If you’re not happy with our services, we will change your tutor. If you’re still not satisfied, any unused hours you paid for will be refunded, no questions asked.

Yes, the package for the second child and any other child thereafter will be 10% off. You can also purchase a package and divide the hours between your children as you please.