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The SAT® & ACT exams are important exams that are taken in college admissions to measure student's abilities for higher education. our detailed ACT and SAT Tutoring service course is designed to pinpoint the strengths of student and opportunities for improvement. Start your preparation today and pass your Entrance Exam.

These two exams ACT and SAT®, they both are necessary exams taken by college administration to find out the students capabilities for higher education. Individuals often take this test when they are in junior year of high school, but the test plans can be different according to the goals of student. As the competition is increasing day by day, it is necessary to perform really great in these exams. As these exams are crucial component in the decision making for most of the universities and colleges. ACT and SAT® scores are also determining the main factor for the Scholarship awards. At RJB Tutoring, there is a customized plan of test that can be tailored to each student need with diagnostics to improve his strengths.

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about the SAT

The SAT is a necessary exam to find out the strength and abilities of students. Most of the colleges and universities require this test with the application and consider this test a useful metric to compared applicants to one another.

The SAT includes sections with different scores and an optional essay:

  • Math (In which two sections are there: one allows you to use the calculator and in other you can’t)
  • Reading/Writing (In which two sections are there: one tests the student’s Reading Comprehension and the other tests your grammar and editorial skills)
  • Optional Essay


All of the sections in the test as a possible score of 200-800 that can vary. And these scores are added together to a total score which can be 400-1600 varying in different colleges and universities. The optional essay is going to be graded on three different levels including writing, reading and analysis. Two readers score each component on a scale of 1-4, and the two readers’ scores are combined for a perfect possible score of 8/8/8.

What SAT® Score Do You Need to Get Admission Into College?

There are different score ranges that vary on every college’s selectivity. There can be colleges for what students can earn nearly perfect or perfect scores they need. But most of the colleges accept students with the score range between 1000-1200. It doesn’t matter wherever you’re applying, it’s always good to prepare for the SAT to increase you chances for Admission and academic Scholarships.

Our past students who followed our customized lesson plans for the SAT preparation. They have shown remarkable improvements in their exams. Working with out ACT and SAT® tutors, we can help your child increasing their SAT® score by 100-300 points and their ACT scores by 3-11 points. Our test prep experts can also give students advise about how often to take a test and which test to take.

WE Focus On


There are four specific content areas in which SAT® Math tests focus: Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, Heart of Algebra, and Additional Topics in Math. Each area of these emphasizes the foundations of mathematical analysis: problem solving, pattern and structure recognition, and modeling.


The Reading test in it includes five different reading passages from previously published sources and also include social science, history, literary fiction, and natural science. Graphs, charts, tables and other pictographic information are included in two of these passages.

Writing and Language

Then in Writing test there are four passages with different questions for students to to revise passages for development of ideas and correct errors in grammar and usage, effective language use and sentence and paragraph organization. The Writing test also includes tables, graphs and other pictographic information.

Optional Essay

There will be an optional essay too that asks to read and analyze an argument to discuss author’s ability to persuade through use of rhetorical skills and evidence. There will be three scores on student’s essays: one for reading and one for understanding the passage, one for their analysis of the author’s argument, and one for their ability to craft an informational and effective essay.

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RJB Tutoring works with students in ALL subjects and can help your child reach their academic potential. Our ACT AND SAT Tutoring services are second to none.

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