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You Want To Score The Max In This Last Year Of High School? Choose RJB 12th grade Tutoring To Boost Up Your Performance!

Final year has great pressure on students. With the pressure of entering into a good college to leaving behind all the good memories. It often becomes difficult for students to focus and concentrate. 12th grade is more like the last opportunity to prove yourself that you can score good enough to make your way into a good college. Working with a private tutor for 12th grade tutoring can provide the assistance you need to reach for your academic goals required in 12th grade. Whether you need to work on a specific subject area or you want to improve your studying and test-taking skills, a personal tutor can give you focused attention.

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How can we Help with our 12th grade Tutoring Services?

Considering that 12th grade is a very crucial stage in a student’s school life a tutor needs to come out with a very unique, planned schedule to meet the 12th grade student’s tough school grind as well. Our experienced tutors for 12th grade tutoring always consider time-management, test anxiety, stress and learning as their up most priorities in teaching the students.

A private tutor will work with you to create an individualized learning plan that is designed specifically for your academic needs and preferred learning style. This will give them individualized attention and support that they don’t get in high school because of the presence of huge number of students in the class. Since skills like public speaking, research work and critical thinking are of prime importance in a student’s career when it comes to entering a college, our 12th grade professional tutors make sure that their teachings help to enhance the child’s knowledge and learning capabilities that will also help him/her in the future.
Join RJB Tutoring today for a better future and enrollment in the best college in town.

WE Focus On


RJB Tutoring provides the best math tutors for grade 12 math tutoring. With our best tutors your child will ace every math exam with the best grades.


RJB Tutoring’s professional English tutors for grade 12 English tutoring make learning and memorizing English easy.


RJB Tutoring provides the best tutors for grade 12 geometry. From teaching basic trigonometry to complex geometric problems our 12th grade geometry tutors have always been the best.

Not looking for these subjects?
RJB Tutoring works with students in ALL subjects and can help your child reach their academic potential. Our 12th Grade tutoring services are second to none.

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  • 4 payments of $225
  • 3 payments of $295
  • 2 payments of $425
  • 1 payment of $815



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  • 4 payments of $435
  • 3 payments of $555
  • 2 payments of $805
  • 1 payment of $1560



Per hour

  • 5 payments of $675
  • 4 payments of $815
  • 3 payments of $1055
  • 2 payments of $1535
  • 1 payment of $2975

*We offer payment plans for each of our tutoring packages. In order to offer this service, a service fee is included with each installment. Therefore, the total amount is less if you make a one-time payment.

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