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RJB Tutoring provides extraordinary tutoring for kindergarteners, allowing them to explore the world by developing strong reading skills. We not only aim to make your child capable of recognizing letters and their associated sounds, we also work on nurturing their confidence, vocabulary skills and creativity to give them the best possible start at school!

RJB Tutoring is second to none for its impressive kindergarten tutoring services. We believe in bringing academic success and confidence to your child. We cultivate the minds of the little ones as we teach them basic reading skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Fostering interactive tutoring for kindergarten, we ensure that your child recognise alphabets, learn their sounds, and pronounces simple words in order to develop a basic understanding of reading and listening skills. If you wish for your child to explore learning with fun and enthusiasm then RJB Tutoring is the perfect choice to start this  wonderful journey!

Recognizing you’re busy working while raising a family, we offer high-quality tutoring service at your home. Therefore, you do not need to worry about taking your child to a tutoring center at a specified time on a daily basis. Saving you from any commuting hassles, our trained and skilled tutors will come to you at the time of your choice. Our goal is to help your child excel in school and move on to the next grade, while assisting them in developing a strong academic foundation. We know exactly how it’s done and we’ll help your child fall in love with reading.

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How can we Help with our Kindergarten tutoring?

RJB Tutoring is well equipped to provide  engaging tutoring for Kindergarten while you take care of  your demanding work schedule. We save you from traveling to and from any tutoring center as one of our certified tutors will come to you to strengthen your child’s reading skills. We know moms are always wondering how do I find effective kindergarten tutoring near me? since their hectic schedule makes it tough to manage time to help their child with their homework. With RJB Tutoring, you do not have to worry at all! Our well trained and highly experienced kindergarten tutors are the best in catering to the learning needs of your child. 

Moreover, our policies like No Contracts, Easy Payment Plans, Money-Back Guarantee and Flexible Scheduling provides you with even more convenience. You can even monitor your child’s progress online anytime you want.

Our highly skilled and passionate Pre-K tutors know the art of developing a strong learning foundation for your child to benefit from for a lifetime. Their friendly, supportive and encouraging attitudes will only help your child achieve his academic goals even faster.

WE Focus On


RJB Tutoring promotes a passion for reading in kindergarteners and work on alphabet recognition, sound awareness, pronunciation and boost their listening and interpretative skills at the same time; thus ensuring their outstanding grades and academic performance.

Personalized Tutoring

RJB Tutoring guarantees an outstanding one-on-one personalized tutoring experience where we focus on the whole child; personality, learning style, and academic needs. We offer maximum convenience by coming to your home and providing flexible scheduling.

Skilled Tutors

Our exceptional tutors deliver the finest reading lessons tailored to develop strong reading skills in kindergarteners while providing all the attention and support to the young mind to boost their self-confidence and excel in their class.

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RJB Tutoring works with students in ALL subjects and can help your child reach their academic potential. Our Kindergarten tutoring services are second to none.

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*We offer payment plans for each of our tutoring packages. In order to offer this service, a service fee is included with each installment. Therefore, the total amount is less if you make a one-time payment.

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